Civilized Races

- Humans

Humans can survive in a higher number of different extreme climates than any other species, but do not have the extreme disposition of some, such as the Quillanthian’s comfort with flame and heat. They can place settlements nearly anywhere, allowing for widespread growth and trade.

Humans can also cross-breed with some similar species, though most end up being infertile or outcast by one or both cultures. Known half-breeds have included dragonkin, finfolk (yikes), harpies (what), giants (ow), and daera. How this is possible is not known, but the children usually appear humanoid with some feature from the other parent’s race, sometimes no extreme change will occur from cross-breeding.

Unfortunately, these traits tend to annoy or anger other races and even other humans, and they are likely to go to swords over land and mates often. This does not make them a race of warmongers and perverts however, humanity is full of great heroes and mighty deeds. Humanity was often a leader in (magitech?) before The Shattering occurred, making advances in nearly every field due to their widespread cities and varied cultures.

- Working Name: Pango
A short-statured race of insect keepers, the Pango are well known for their bustling hive cities. These cities have all kinds of insect and arachnid creatures bustling about among the humanoids, and this can be unnerving for most travelers. These “bugs” do all sorts of automatic jobs around the Hives, including janitorial work, home defense, internal peacekeeping, cattle for food, musical accompaniment, and more.
Pango are also renowned for their mercantile skill, and more impressive still is their musical ability and it’s use in their society. They use music to pass down oral tradition, and have no accepted written language. Merchants have a special written language that intuitively follows the spoken language. Because of the natural musical tones of their language, this written language is typically written out as a beautiful scroll of transactions.
Pango diets consist of insect meats and desert agriculture, and their staple diet consists of bubbleburst ants, cactus fruits, and various in-hive grown fungi. They use every resource they can, and work to find uses for the useless. more to come

- Quillanthian Dragonkin
Red-skinned and dark scaled, these dragonkin are heirs to Quillanth, the Great Wyrm of Flame. Their culture is one frowned upon by most of the world, but their vast military and arcanological might, paired with their powerful patriotism and devotion to their Ancestor, they are a force to be reckoned with. more to come

- Avharthan Dragonkin
Raised in response to Quillanth’s new breed of dragonkin millenia ago, the Avharthans share many similarities to their quillanthian cousins. Their scales shine like ice, with their skin holding cold tones of blue and purple. They were raised simply to halt the invasion of Quillanth’s unprovoked invasion of Avharth’s domains, and as such show extraordinary tactical prowess, hardiness, and cunning. Their lack of resources and strong resolve has turned them into a nation of powerful arcanologists and tacticians, with powerful commando teams and well-placed fortresses. more to come

- Finfolk
A race of shark-like humanoids, known for their exceptional ability as pirates and sailors. They come in many shapes and sizes, and are able to function on land. If they stray too far from water, they do have a tendency to dry up quickly. Usually this was remedied with a hydrating suit or apparatus before the shattering, and now most finfolk have returned to the waters. more to come

- Working Name: Coyotefolk

- Centaur

- Harpies

- Working Name: Daera

- Giants

- Working Name: Avanti Dragonkin

- Working Name: Naga

Civilized Races

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