Haiku Repository

Session 1

The Foreigner’s coin
Well-met by this troubadour
Invites Pango’s aid.

Translator Tangan
His services bound by blood
I impart to thee.

Heavy beats the drum
Bug and Pango harmonious
In song, melodious.

Written word do we
Pango not rely upon
Our history, song

Wealth of Pango lore
In elders’ song eternal
Lay before thee now.

Pango and Insect,
Our bond of song now broken.
Homestones lay silent.

Shattering’s trial
The Pango shall overcome
Together, brother!

The Gods’ abandon
Need not will of brother break
Carry on, my friend.

Simple machines, bugs.
Eat. Sleep. Dig. Protect. Homestones
Our song did convey.

Birth, death. Cycle slow.
Breeding sped by homestone’s thrall
Insects then grew strong.

Tunnels deep, web thick.
Under hive in fear they lie:
Spiders innum’rous.

Path to hatchery
Guarded by fang, venom, web.
Elder, light our way!

Tunnels dark and deep
Never touched by fire’s kiss.
Spiders fear the light.

Furious steel,
The creatures cower, bleeding.
A song of vict’ry.

Sessions 2, 3

Life’s purest beauty
Larva feast on the swarms gift.
To us, vapor foul

Insect ichor
And a thousand hungry mouths:
Slippery danger.

The narrow pathways
Built by insect, for insect
Now, this night, we ride!

Our group, now scattered
We must converge at the light
Follow the music!

I’m too tired to walk.
You’ll have to carry me.
Morph ball acquired.

Sessions 4, 5

The hum of insects,
Must be grating to humans.
Are you okay, miss?

Falter not, comrades!
Insects, frenzied in their rage,
Expose their soft spots!

Insects lie twitching.
Our song of glory resounds
Together, flawless.

Fists bite, spear does sting,
Anchor crushes, arrows fling
Lo, this bard now sings.

The monsters’ stats change
Waves and waves of shifting beasts
Fluid as the sea.

Blinded by fury,
The beast’s rhythm is upset,
Gentle bugs, be calm!

At elder’s request
We mismatched heroes have come.
You guys smell so bad.

Brothers! I bid thee
Aid us in ending this frenzy
That the hive may rest.

O wise elders,
We return with our brothers!
A song of triumph.

In the dark, huddled
The brothers did shiver and starve.
Where’s the buffet, man?

The cactus’ nectar
Fills the mind with song and dance
And they come in pints.

The bloom, sweet and pink
Lifts your soul in harmony
To dream in daylight.

Earth dragons’ hunger
Devours fields, towns and comrades.
End the gluttony!

Milk of the cactus
Is a far more generous host
Than the scorching sun.

Monkey’s screeching song
Resounds in defense of home:
Pride-lands, soaked in blood.

Hot blood soaks the sand
Foul creatures lie dead, twitching
Our song triumphant.

Session 6

The cactaraptors
Their nests in danger, take wing
The mother awakes!

The anchor falls red
A shower of blood and bone
Fills her with vigor

The caravan slows
Waning moon guides us to rest
Sleep well, my brothers.

Session 7

A false oasis
Cacti behind, her web ahead
The queen has snared us!

Drum beetle, take wing!
Fly this rope over the beast
To Nylea, calling

Session 8

The legs of Kieth Arms
Marble sculpted by the gods
Now launch him skyward

The great cactus falls
The queen scrambles to the dark
Timber, motherfuckers

Spiderlings approach
Flurries of venomous fangs
We need AoEs

Spider leg pinball
Black blood splatters ev’rywhere
The fuck just happened

Session 9

We’ve been in combat
For so goddamned fucking long
Die, spider bitch, die

The queen’s death cry
Echoes among the cacti
The web may now rest.

Spider and pango
Talons locked, fall to the earth
Fly now, Keith Arms, fly!

Sessions 10 and so on

Raise your glasses to
An evening of discovery
Tonight, crew, we feast!

Motorcycle flight
They all laughed at us, well look!
Look who’s laughing now!

Ahead, the path forks
The long safe road, the shortcut?
Follow the water.

Through the blinding sands
The caravan perseveres.
Lo, Bluff’s Hole ahead!

Yo mamma so loose
You need electromancy four
To see dat pussy.

Bloodbristle beetles
Crafty, cunning predators.
Complex life cycle.

The larva’s barbed sting
Bites through the toughest armor.
Swarms of agony.

Their spined cocoons
Mustn’t ever be disturbed.
Explosive death lurks.

Armor cracker queens
Tear asunder defenses
Devouring flesh.

Session 11 or whatever

Eighteen chunks of ore
Would fetch a pretty penny
In the capitol.

Enshrouded in sand,
The caravan must persist;
The dragon be damned.

Keep her in the sand!
Pierce the wings with needles!
Slay the hungry drake!

Falter not, comrades
The beast is strong, but yet young.
Daggerspines, defend!

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