Battle Mechanics

Step 0 (optional): Put on some awesome battle appropriate music.

Step 1: Have everyone (including the Storyteller, for the monsters and NPC’s) roll their initiative. The initiative score consists of their Focus and the number the person rolls with their given die, plus conditions and modifiers. The person with the highest score goes first, followed by the person with the second highest and so on. Anyone who ties will take their turn at the same time.

Step 2: Once a character is in range and ready they will need to make an accuracy roll. This roll consists of the character’s chosen weapon skill die, the corresponding stat and its die, the weapon’s speed mod or spell channeling speed mod, and any other applicable condition modifiers.

Step 3: Should the character’s attack hit, the target the next step will be to calculate damage. To do this you simply take their weapon damage, reduce that by any armor the defender has, and take away from their health the remainder. After this is done, if their accuracy roll doubled the enemy’s defense roll, they may make an additional attack. They can do this up to their weapon’s speed, but must make a newly successful attack roll each time. Keep your dice handy, quick strikers! Move on to the next character and repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed. If an enemy is next in initiative, it’s the player’s turn to get hit!

Step 4: If a character gets attacked, they’ll have to rely on their block and evade skills to defend themselves. This roll consists of the character’s chosen defensive skill, the corresponding stat and its die, plus any gear bonuses the character has. If they fail to defend themselves, any armor equipped can reduce the damage taken. A character can also choose to try and counter-attack, but this is risky. To counter, you use your attack as a defensive roll. If the defender fails, the attacker deals an extra die in damage. If the defender wins, they get to attack in place of the offender.

Battle Mechanics

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