Rules, Mechanics and Character Generation

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Character Creation

Mind: Intelligence, Mind, Will
Body: Strength, Endurance, Discipline
Soul: Agility, Dexterity, Luck

Physical: Block/Guard, Evade, Weapon Training, Perception
Social: Charm, Intimidate, Seduce, Bluff, Intuition
Creative: crafts,
Mental: History, Religion, Lore, Language, Anatomy, Resist, Insight
Magical: Pyromancy, Hyrdomancy, Aeromancy, Geomancy, Cryomancy, Electromancy, Biomancy, Necromancy




- Agility, Intelligence, Luck, or Discipline decides your initiative score. If there are ties in initiative, all those tied go at the same time. - ties results within higher Luck

Battle Points / Badass Points

- PCs choose to be a hero of mind/body/soul at character generation
- spend badass/battle points equal to tier above your current stat tier. cost is equal to the highest number in the tier. Tiers go as follow: 3=d4, 5=d6, 7=d8, 8=d10, 9=d12, 10=d20. Character must be trying to push their limits in order to use this rule. Ideally the action will create opportunities for the team, and inspire others to try cool things.

To hit

- stat + skill + weapon speed + gear + buffs + dice roll


- weapon damage + stat + gear + buffs


- speed: if speed is 1 or less you don’t get multiple attacks. Anything greater than one can get more attacks for each extra point of speed. When accuracy is rolled, if the result is double the opponent’s defense, you may roll for another attack up to your weapon’s speed.
- Heavy Weapons: Sunder armor (or appropriate effect), usually can’t multi hit
- Light Weapons: almost always allow for multiple attacks, some have secondary effects


- Dazed: pushes character back set number of spaces back in the turn order
- Berserk: Transfer dice roll from hit roll, to damage roll as well as setting all block/guard and evade stats to 0
- more to come -

Combo Attacks

- Need to be back to back in initiative order
- teammates may delay in order to combo
- Dm’s call / trait in order to speed up in the order

Rules, Mechanics and Character Generation

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