Help Needed!

Hey folks! Here’s where we still need some help!

Mobile app designer – We need to find someone who can make a mobile app for Stonegate, so that people can play on-the-go, in cafes with their friends, or on long trips with easy access. No more missed sessions due to sickness, no more losses from business trips. Or, use it as the perfect play-by-post system! That’s the idea anyway. Let someone know if you know a guy, or have an interest at taking a crack at this!

Artists -

- Jenna Baggins has done an Alpacataur, it’s super cute! She says she’s going to do more art of some of the races, specifically the centaur subspecies if I remember our conversation correctly.

- We need more! I’m going to start buying some commissions soon, if you want to draw anything let me know!

Content writers for the wiki -

- We’re filling in what we can at the moment, and could certainly use your help! If you have ideas for the races, cultures, histories, or art in the game. Take a look at the wiki, and try to keep consistent with the ideas in the Civilized Races and Nations, City States, and Empires

Thanks for taking a look, anything helps!

Help Needed!

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