Stonegate Project

Gargantula Strikes!
Seriously? Gargantula? Ugh.

After a few days of quiet journeys through the evermore volatile cacti jungle, the path narrowed to a small trail, beset on both sides by burst cacti. The path was showing no signs of widening, when a clearing appeared quite suddenly. Thinking something could be amiss, Tanganutura of No Tribe checked the ground to find a sticky web covering the floor.

Click Click Pop Whistle thought to draw out whatever creature lay in wait, and began to play a song to call all nearby bugs, bringing in swarms of creatures. After a moment, the crew noticed many of the insects were becoming ensnared in great webs covering the cacti alongside their trail. A great rustling was heard overhead, and a huge spider fell to the road, seperating the caravan from our party!

Click Click Pop Whistle was nearer the caravan, seperated from his friends. One of the crew, Kedakai, was up with the party, having shown recent prowess in combat defending the caravan. Nylea acted quickly in tandem with Click Click Pop Whistle, anchoring one end of a whispersilk rope to a piton, and one to an arrow. He finished his song to fly the rope to her as he slammed the piton in the ground, and she fired her arrow through the beast’s abdomen, attaching it to one of the giant cacti. The fighters launched themselves in, Content Not Found: null_ jumping to spear the beast, and Zo’Sha smashing it with her anchor, sending it into a blind rage. Captain Sped the team with a new magic, Hasten, increasing their movement speed and attack speed! Keith Arms and Captain worked together to wither a leg and jammed it with the aid of _Content Not Found: null. With the Gargantula pinned, skewered, and enraged, we continue on…

Sessions 5/12-6/2
Lots to catch up on!

After entering the lit corridor in the hatchery, the group finds the nursery staff they were sent to assist. After a short conversation, a giant hulkbeetle charged the tunnel and collapsed it!

With some quick thinking from Captain and Click-click, they managed to find a way to tame the beast’s madness, and charged it back out the way it came! With the creature now in their control, the party led the staff safely to the main levels.

They met again with the elder singers, and Click-click jammed to the tune of “WE GOT BUG CONTROL BACK (sorta)”, and followed with a victory jam session with the elders. They helped to enhance his skill and technique, as well as enhancing his didgeridoo!

They then met Nylea, a ranger seeking the answers to the disappearance of the gods, who was told by many to seek out Captain.

They were then told of many current events: Bandits to the south, raiding anyone trying to pass through while the world is in chaos; to the north, the Earth Dragons are beginning to descend on cities without rhyme or reason, taking massive grabs of land as they please. In the east, a large deposit of blue iron has been found beyond the cacti forest borders, which Captain has found to be an amazing channel for magical energies post-Shattering. In the west, refugees pour south from the mountains, the only relatively safe path from the draconian rampage.

Captain decides to head east, to gain the blue iron deposits for use, brining about 30 of his crew with pickaxes and the necessary gear. Along the way, they have so far been assaulted by Spineboons, some new form of pressurized and explosive cacti, and a small flock of cactoraptors! Continuing on through the now magically mutative Cacti forests, the dangers continue to mount…

Play Session 5/5
eyy cinco de mayo

Today, Maranda ate a bowl of peas. Tossed with butter and dill. This is important.
Also, Josh bought snack mix and Vinta loitered around.
Smogon banned swagger/foul play.
We find the entrance to the underground hatchery! SO we find the worker critters barfing goop into holes. CCPW tells us that they’re feeding their young. Ew.
We decide on a corridor and since no one goes ahead, Tangan goes.
He falls, CCPW comes to help, but then we both get stuck.
Something happens and now everyone’s riding bugs? Zo’sha and Tangan are like, naw, fuck that. We’re walking.
Most everyone’s bugs ditched them eventually except Captain’s, and he finds a huge sunstone. The others are all scattered, but Keith is at the lit door. Tangan goes to be with Zo’Sha because she was all by herself and he felt weird about that! Then CCPW decides to play a song to make the bugs stop what they’re doing. Just stahp. The bugs around him stop. SO he walks around and gathers everyone up to follow him to the right door. He’s super tired.
“I’m too tired to walk, you’ll have to carry me, morph ball acquired.” Then we were all reunited!

Play Session 4/28
DM declaration: focus on RP and fighting!

The bugs continue their onslaught. Keith is chomped twice. Pop dances with fate and does some Badass Things— leaps and stabs the green scarab!
Stark needs to work on monster stats.
Tangan aims his short spear towards the weak point between armor plates on the blue scarab. He uses a BADASS POINT! He does minimal damage. Hmm.
Captain made the bug not be able to bite anymore because he did a more badass thing. One of the mandibles rotted off (or fell off?)
Keith then attacks by taking the mandible off the bug and shoves it down the bug’s equivalent of its throat.
Then Stark doubled our weapon damages. SICK.
Keith got flailed on by a bug. Not sure it did anything.
Click tries to play his buffing song and informs the group that weak bits on the bugs are at the joints.
Then the bug blocks Tangan’s attack, dangit.
Captain crams his pistol in the bug’s mouth and uses Electromancy.
Click calmed the buggles for a bit.
Tangan stabbed ’em again.

Other kinds of bugs

Ok, I think we now have all mechanical issues to where we can officially PLAY again.

- Formula for badassery made
- numbers were crunched
- Stamina changed to BP (Badass/Battle points)

Another bug bites the dust.
Only a few though, we have math to do.

A few more bugs were slain, and a new face emerges! Faylowyn joins the group in her own way, as she finds them struggling against the frenzied insects in the deep tunnels she’s been trapped in for months.

We also worked out some combat mechanics and junk! :D

Singing Elders and Insect Repellant
Insights were had, bugs were squished

o Sitting on the street corner with CCPW during one of his standard performances. Captain and his hired crew approach us based on me being a translator and him being a perpetuator of Pango lore. We were hired by them to get into the library.
o A hysterical Pango starts preaching doom and gloom in the street: “The Gods are dead! The world is ending! Boo!” The security scarabs begin pushing him away. Captain intervenes—makes him nauseated. The Pango vomits and the bugs move off, thinking he was just sick. Captain then cures his nausea. The Pango used to be very religious, so when the Gods died, his world crumbled. He wasn’t dealing with it well and one day snapped.
o Then we went to the library. We were expecting it to be full of books, But instead there’s a bunch of old Pangos sitting in a circle with beetle drum chorus. Captain inquires of the eldest Pango after prompting from CCPW, how did your magic work before the Shattering? The Elder replies, “How do you mean?”
Captain: “How did you used to control the bugs using magic? How did you enhance them? Magically infuse them?”
Elder: Looks distraught, almost sad. “They used to speak with the bugs. How to do tasks, they would listen. It wasn’t hard. We only had to ask nicely. We did this for many generation—insect and Pango alike—and has created the bugs you see here. We did this with the homestones.”
Captain: “Where did the homestones come from? How did you use them?
Elder: [explains homestones] Sections of plate from Pangolin, encased and infused with metals and items and other personally important items. Generally you’d carry the stone of an ancestor. Given when you’re born, generally this is done in high profile families with important ancestors. But it’s not uncommon to allow a Pango to grow to age and allow them to create a homestone or adopt one of an ancestor. Most do this. They create homestones in the hopes that their descendants will want to claim it. It became standard to fit the magitech device. They still do it just in case.
o So then we have to go past the spiders. We devised a plan to sneak past the spiders to get to the insect hatchery to find out how they used to bemagic the insects. We eventually decide that waving torches at them is the best method. Tangan is certain this will be the last adventure he partakes in.
o They go down and instead of spiders find worker scarabs and digger beetles. A scarab rushes us. CCPW attempts to calm the scarab and succeeds. The bug wanders out of the tunnel. A few steps more and one of the diggers starts charging. Zo’sha attacks it with her FUCKING GIANT ASS ANCHOR. And hits, but not entirely squished. Then Keith runs up and attacks with his fists. Tangan shot it twice in the head and it died. Then a spider leaps up, but is promptly crushed to death by Zo’sha with her anchor.
o Two more scarabs approach. Keith charges up a bigass punch and it ends up being like, punchES. Squish. Then Tangan shoots two arrows at another scarab, briefly deterring it. Then CCPW finishes the song with a prompt bonk to the noggin with his didgeridoo and boom goes the dynamite. Cleared tunnel.

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