Name: Kedakai

HP: 30 Armor: 1 EXP: 3 Move: 3 Initiative: 3
BP: 12 Speed: 3

STR: 1 DEX: 4 INT: 3
END: 3 AGI: 3 MND: 2
DIS: 2 LUK: 2 WIL: 2

Physical Social Creative Mental Magical
Block 2 Charm 1 Painting 2 History 1 Pyromancy 1
Evade 2 Intimidate 1 Religion 1 Hydromancy 1
Rapier 3 Seduce 1 Lore 1 Aeromancy 2 (Trained)
Bluff 2 Language 2 Geomancy 1
Cryomancy 1
Electromancy 1
Biomancy 2 (Trained)
Withermancy 3 (Trained)
Perception 2 Intuision 2 Insight 2


Some Racial Trait Undetermined Daggerspine Crew: +1 Attack and +1 Damage per Daggerspine Crew member in a combo.

Race: Coyotefolk
Gender: Male
Age: About 22 in human years.
Height: 5’5" If Tangan is short for his age, Kedakai is probably legally a midget to his people. Lucky for him he’s with quite the motley crew on Captain’s ship, including people of all shapes and sizes.

Personality: In short, think Rigby from Regular Show. Kedakai sometimes brags about how awesome he is, he but quickly panics in a tight situation and can’t completely back up all the boisterous words he made you believe about him. Make no mistake, though, he knows his way around a rapier. He could probably dislodge the leather binding your plate armor together if he put his mind to it.

Being in Captain‘s crew, he knows a thing or two about magic. He got his dirty paws on a rapier made of blue iron. How this came to be in his possession is sort of a mystery. Whether the iron was given to him to be forged or the sneaky coyote snatched it away while no one was looking remains to be seen, but so far Captain Captain hasn’t accused him of anything. With this special rapier, Kedakai can channel magic into his attacks, preferring to use Withermancy to enfeeble his targets with poison, blindness, and other disabilities.

Things to add:

  • He travels with the group for reasons. Reasons go here. I’ll figure it out later.
  • Family name?
  • Family background
  • How’d he get in Captain’s crew?
  • Why is Captain letting him keep the rapier?
  • Make the stats page prettier.
  • Get a picture


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