pop whistle whistle

A pango removed from his homeland. Member of the Daggerspines. Determined to avenge the lost Gods.


Strength 2 _____ Agility 4 _______ Intelligence 1
Endurance 2 ___ Dexterity 3 ___ Wisdom 2
Looks 2 ________ Luck 2 ________ Will 2

more to come


Pop was removed from his home as a child. Orphaned and raised by the clergy, he only ever believed in two things- the Gods, and his spear. He speaks in common and Pangolin tongues, neither well nor often. Although he is patient and often quiet, he’s something of an adrenaline junkie when he has the freedom to move. He set out aimlessly to explore the world and train hir spear. Along the way, he met captain and joined the daggerspines. Captain’s magic fascinates Pop, and he is slowly picking up earth magic from him. After the disappearance of his cherished Gods, he believes the dragons, with their new found power, must be responsible. Pop believes Captain is a Godgiven ally as the greatest resource to understand the dragons and their power. Pop will take down the accursed dragons, and his spear is the only way he knows how.

pop whistle whistle

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