Stonegate Project

Sessions 5/12-6/2

Lots to catch up on!

After entering the lit corridor in the hatchery, the group finds the nursery staff they were sent to assist. After a short conversation, a giant hulkbeetle charged the tunnel and collapsed it!

With some quick thinking from Captain and Click-click, they managed to find a way to tame the beast’s madness, and charged it back out the way it came! With the creature now in their control, the party led the staff safely to the main levels.

They met again with the elder singers, and Click-click jammed to the tune of “WE GOT BUG CONTROL BACK (sorta)”, and followed with a victory jam session with the elders. They helped to enhance his skill and technique, as well as enhancing his didgeridoo!

They then met Nylea, a ranger seeking the answers to the disappearance of the gods, who was told by many to seek out Captain.

They were then told of many current events: Bandits to the south, raiding anyone trying to pass through while the world is in chaos; to the north, the Earth Dragons are beginning to descend on cities without rhyme or reason, taking massive grabs of land as they please. In the east, a large deposit of blue iron has been found beyond the cacti forest borders, which Captain has found to be an amazing channel for magical energies post-Shattering. In the west, refugees pour south from the mountains, the only relatively safe path from the draconian rampage.

Captain decides to head east, to gain the blue iron deposits for use, brining about 30 of his crew with pickaxes and the necessary gear. Along the way, they have so far been assaulted by Spineboons, some new form of pressurized and explosive cacti, and a small flock of cactoraptors! Continuing on through the now magically mutative Cacti forests, the dangers continue to mount…


Starkanine Starkanine

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