Stonegate Project

Play Session 5/5

eyy cinco de mayo

Today, Maranda ate a bowl of peas. Tossed with butter and dill. This is important.
Also, Josh bought snack mix and Vinta loitered around.
Smogon banned swagger/foul play.
We find the entrance to the underground hatchery! SO we find the worker critters barfing goop into holes. CCPW tells us that they’re feeding their young. Ew.
We decide on a corridor and since no one goes ahead, Tangan goes.
He falls, CCPW comes to help, but then we both get stuck.
Something happens and now everyone’s riding bugs? Zo’sha and Tangan are like, naw, fuck that. We’re walking.
Most everyone’s bugs ditched them eventually except Captain’s, and he finds a huge sunstone. The others are all scattered, but Keith is at the lit door. Tangan goes to be with Zo’Sha because she was all by herself and he felt weird about that! Then CCPW decides to play a song to make the bugs stop what they’re doing. Just stahp. The bugs around him stop. SO he walks around and gathers everyone up to follow him to the right door. He’s super tired.
“I’m too tired to walk, you’ll have to carry me, morph ball acquired.” Then we were all reunited!


Starkanine dalikalak

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