Stonegate Project

Play Session 4/28

DM declaration: focus on RP and fighting!

The bugs continue their onslaught. Keith is chomped twice. Pop dances with fate and does some Badass Things— leaps and stabs the green scarab!
Stark needs to work on monster stats.
Tangan aims his short spear towards the weak point between armor plates on the blue scarab. He uses a BADASS POINT! He does minimal damage. Hmm.
Captain made the bug not be able to bite anymore because he did a more badass thing. One of the mandibles rotted off (or fell off?)
Keith then attacks by taking the mandible off the bug and shoves it down the bug’s equivalent of its throat.
Then Stark doubled our weapon damages. SICK.
Keith got flailed on by a bug. Not sure it did anything.
Click tries to play his buffing song and informs the group that weak bits on the bugs are at the joints.
Then the bug blocks Tangan’s attack, dangit.
Captain crams his pistol in the bug’s mouth and uses Electromancy.
Click calmed the buggles for a bit.
Tangan stabbed ’em again.


Starkanine dalikalak

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