Stonegate Project

Gargantula Strikes!

Seriously? Gargantula? Ugh.

After a few days of quiet journeys through the evermore volatile cacti jungle, the path narrowed to a small trail, beset on both sides by burst cacti. The path was showing no signs of widening, when a clearing appeared quite suddenly. Thinking something could be amiss, Tanganutura of No Tribe checked the ground to find a sticky web covering the floor.

Click Click Pop Whistle thought to draw out whatever creature lay in wait, and began to play a song to call all nearby bugs, bringing in swarms of creatures. After a moment, the crew noticed many of the insects were becoming ensnared in great webs covering the cacti alongside their trail. A great rustling was heard overhead, and a huge spider fell to the road, seperating the caravan from our party!

Click Click Pop Whistle was nearer the caravan, seperated from his friends. One of the crew, Kedakai, was up with the party, having shown recent prowess in combat defending the caravan. Nylea acted quickly in tandem with Click Click Pop Whistle, anchoring one end of a whispersilk rope to a piton, and one to an arrow. He finished his song to fly the rope to her as he slammed the piton in the ground, and she fired her arrow through the beast’s abdomen, attaching it to one of the giant cacti. The fighters launched themselves in, Content Not Found: null_ jumping to spear the beast, and Zo’Sha smashing it with her anchor, sending it into a blind rage. Captain Sped the team with a new magic, Hasten, increasing their movement speed and attack speed! Keith Arms and Captain worked together to wither a leg and jammed it with the aid of _Content Not Found: null. With the Gargantula pinned, skewered, and enraged, we continue on…


When you link to a character, and it gives you that [Slug | Name] Format, you can shorten the “Name” part to anything you like. So you don’t have to have “Tanganutura of No Tribe” every time you link to Tangan. Likewise you can shorten to “CCPW” or “Click Click” if you want to.

Gargantula Strikes!
Starkanine Starkanine

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